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Facebook has been ranked the most empathetic company in the world in a study published by Harvard Business Review.

The Global Empathy Index analyses companies around the world but a majority are from the US, UK and India.

The annual study, which scores companies based on their ethics, leadership, internal culture, brand perception and social media messaging, aims to spotlight businesses that are “successfully creating empathetic cultures”.

“These are the companies that retain the best people, create environments where diverse teams thrive, and ultimately reap the greatest financial rewards,” says author-activist Belinda Parmar in Harvard Business Review.

Based on these characteristics, The Global Empathy Index puts 20 companies on a “most empathetic” list and 20 on a “least empathetic” one.

Tech companies came out on the top of the most empathetic list while companies in the oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and finance sectors ranked highly on the “least empathetic” list.

Following Facebook, which got a score of 100, is Alphabet, the public holding company founded by Google’s brainchildren Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Alphabet was scored at 99.4, followed by LinkedIn at 98.8.

The least empathetic companies, according to the study, are Bharat Petroleum with a score of zero, followed by Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries, which scored 0.6, and ICICI Bank with a score of 1.2.

Read the full report here.

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