• Trade Sale / Buyout
  • Sell-side M&A
  • Management Buy Out
  • Cash Cow Optimisation
  • Liquidation / Shut Down

RedPepper Mergers manages all M&A mandates through an M&A specialist.

When business hear the term “exit strategy”, most assume this means failing to thrive and closing their doors. But there are other reasons to exit a business – some planned. While much effort goes into starting a business, seldom does the same thought go into the exit strategy and we encourage founders to plan for this exit proactively.  We affectionately call this ESP-ing your venture.

The most common form of an exit is a business sale and the nature of the acquirer is diverse – a joint venture company, a supplier, a management or staff buy-out to name a few. It is less common to exit early-stage business via IPO and to have this as the sole exit option can be myopic, distracting and unrealistic.

Disregarding the exit, growing a business which is cashflow positive and triple bottom line profitable should always be the goal.  Losses are only sustainable, if someone is funding them and even then this requires a solid reason to justify temporary “red ink”. To this end, liquidations and disaster events are unfortunate situations, which RedPepper Mergers exclusively gets involve in as a buyer’s advocate.

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