• Govt. Grant Funding
  • Impact Capital
  • Angel / Seed Capital
  • Expansion Venture Capital
  • Cashflow Finance

RedPepper Mergers is firmly of the view that ambition and business growth are just expensive dreams when people attempt to fund them with pixie dust. At some point, all ideas need money and a responsible investment partner to scale, which sweat equity simply cannot provide. This means giving away a piece of the pie. Done strategically, at the correct point in time and at the correct valuation, it significantly catapults an A-team’s ability to succeed.

RedPepper Mergers helps to build innovative business models, prove concepts and nurture credible management teams. By building on our “investor ready” strategic documentation, we assist in raising staged capital in a number of both conventional and non-mainstream ways, including GreenPepper Capital’s targeted investee / investor matching platform.

And our reward is to secure finance which enables system change, commercial success and sustainable revenue growth.

Spark Ideas, Ignite Growth.

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