• Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Joint Venture Negotiation
  • International Distribution Setup
  • Organic Sales Management
  • Digital Revenue Growth

RedPepper Mergers believes all business activity should drive strategic triple bottom line growth.  We are not pen pushers. We have done it before ….. 18 startups ourself and 100s of times for clients.

Whether this growth comes from buying revenue or organic sales effort, RedPepper Mergers loves the positive world of innovation and seeing YOU realise your dreams through smart work.

Sustainably.  Smartly.

The RedPepper Mergers team identifies growth opportunities and negotiates joint ventures and partnerships which succeed.

Our specific client expansion model and this new global reach, means that we can introduce our clients to untapped markets, sales opportunities and networks, which they may be unaware of.

We can also offer low cost service models, which save 50% or more of strategic marketing and communication costs, digital marketing overhead and back office processing expenses.

Read more about our Growth Framework (and our Sales Magic and Carpe Diem products ) HERE

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients join the often elusive ‘hockey stick club’ while conscious of triple bottom line (environmental, social and financial) impact.  

Spark Ideas, Ignite Growth.

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