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Last week, we asked startup leaders who are changing the face of Australia’s investor market what it takes to become a startup investor.

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This week, we speak with Scale angel investor Connie Kuhlman, who began investing in startups about five years ago when she decided to make a bold career leap from human resources.

“I don’t want to just help women get a seat at the table—I want to help women set up and run a new table,” she told StartupSmart.

We asked Kuhlman about the type of startups she likes to back, what she believes makes a strong investor and her best advice for new players in the game.

What kind of startups are you most interested in?

“I am focused on the future of work—companies that drive connections and enable individuals to build their own work life.”

“Good teamwork among the founders is an absolute requirement for me; I appreciate entrepreneurs who clearly value the opinion, effort and expertise of their co-founders, advisors and team members.”

Who do you look up to?

“Natalia Oberti Noguera, Sallie Krawcheck, Melinda Gates, women who champion the power of women working together to change the world.”

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What makes a strong investor?

“Humility: If you focus only on what you know you stop learning.

“Connect-the-dots thinking: Breakthrough value comes from putting ideas, tools and systems together in new ways.

“Patience: It takes a lot of time and effort to grow a business.”

For a brand new investor in the startup sector, what’s your best advice?

“Be clear on why you want to invest and what you need out of the experience, then find like minded individuals.”

Part three of StartupSmart’s investor series featuring Rampersand’s Eloise Watson comes out next week.

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