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From the Operators

Vanessa Hope Schneider of One Medical speaks to First Round Review about lessons learned building world-class brands including Eventbrite and Airbnb in “‘Pitch the Immeasurable’ and Other Leadership Tips

Steven Ray of Dialexa explores the struggle to maintain a familial startup culture during hyper-growth in “Seven Ways to Maintain Team Culture When Scaling a Business

Tyler Tate of Crema continues his Startup Cheat-Sheet series with the next installment, a detailed rundown of “How to Close Your First Investor

From the Investors

Natasha Azur of Osage Partners takes a look at trends in venture capital activity (which we’ve also been digging into lately on the Mattermark blog) in “What’s the Pulse on 2017 Midyear VC Investment?

Ali Rowghani of Y Combinator reveals the challenges of an evolving founder role and downsides of rushed hiring in the “The Two Most Common Mistakes Growth Stage Founders Make

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures is back with bright red box plots expressing the volatility of public market multiples for software companies in “The Volatility Of Multiples In The Public SaaS Market

Claire Fauquier of Corigin Ventures explains the continued stratification of seed funding into three buckets in “Understanding Early-Stage Venture Financing Stages

Sarah Hodges of Pillar VC has the rundown of what the company is looking for in “Scouting for Pillar’s Platform Associate: Help us build Boston’s next generation of pillar companies

Jump Capital reached out to share some promotions on their team. How cool! Are folks at your VC firm getting promoted? We’d love to hear about it, drop a note to editor@

Saurabh Sharma was promoted to Partner at Jump Capital and will continue to lead activities in the Enterprise Software and Infrastructure sectors.

Yelena Shkolnik was promoted to Vice President at Jump Capital.

From the News

Spotify’s plan to directly list on the NYSE is drawing scrutiny from the SEC and Bloomberg reports “SEC Is Studying Spotify’s Plan to Bypass IPO in NYSE Listing“. This move follows in the style of Amazon, Google, and Facebook and was discussed by Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures on his blog back in April in “A Direct Listing

The Outline tells the story of the rise and decline of Fresco News (the author worked there for 3 weeks), through pep talks from Ashton Kutcher (angel investor), missed payrolls, misleading fundraising announcements, and the struggles of one very young founder in “When the Money Runs Out


Kasey Byrne at Postman in San Francisco dropped us a note to let the world know they’re hiring!

What they do: API developer tools company

Hiring for: Digital Marketer and Site Reliability Engineer

In their own words: The coolest thing about working at Postman is that our users and customers like us. A lot. Technical audiences spontaneously cheer when one of the team is presenting, and people stop me on the street in SF to ask technical questions if I’m wearing a Postman t-shirt. Believing in the product is most of the reason I like coming to work.

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