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Ten emerging founders from eight startups have been selected for the opportunity to take part in round two of BlueChilli’s impressive SheStarts accelerator program.

The program, which launched in 2016, works to boost and support female-led tech businesses in Australia and create new opportunities for growth. All of the founders selected to take part will receive a life-changing package including $25,000 pre-seed capital as well as more than $100,000 in software credits, accounting, financial, and legal services from the program’s partners: MYOB, Microsoft, LinkedIn and ANZ.

BlueChilli will work with the founders to build their technology and provide ongoing mentoring and support to the women, and their journey — from conceptualisation to fully-fledged enterprise — will also be captured by BlueChilli through an award-winning web documentary.

After reviewing hundreds of applications and a rigorous bootcamp culminating in two-days of pitching to a panel of judges, here’s who made the cut:

Annie McAuley founder of Talk-i-Wear

A play-based learning tool using Near-Field-Communications (NFC) technology to transform a home into an exciting interactive environment for children to learn languages

Carolyn Deng & Dr Scarlett Liu, co-founders of VitiVision

Robotics-enabled vineyard mapping and yield forecast technology to manage grape supply and improve profitability of Australia wine grape growers

Lily Dempster, founder of The Neighbourhood Effect

A smart-phone app that uses behavioural science design to help users adopt environmentally-sustainable habits and connect to local, climate-friendly products, services and community initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint

Laura Simmons, founder of Theratrak

A smartphone app to enable allied health professionals to set home programs, monitor and track client progress from a distance, improving access to home and remote programs between face-to-face therapy.

Danielle Owen Whitford, founder of Pioneera

A digital analytics tool driven by machine learning, using language matching to help organisations identify and address signs of stress, anxiety or unconscious bias among staff.

Deepthi Kulkarni and Andrew Hine, co-founders of Reputationaire

A blockchain-enabled platform for securely importing, storing and exchanging verified reputation data to boost the value of identity and reputation in the gig economy.

Karen Hind, founder of Recall App

An evidence collection tool to assist people experiencing domestic violence to collect and prepare key information for DV and family law court cases.

Andrez Coco, founder of Knowlly

A smartphone app that makes it convenient, financially rewarding, fun and social for Australians to reduce their personal carbon footprints.

Addressing the crowd at the Selection Showcase hosted at UTS in Sydney this week, SheStarts Director Nicola Hazell said the founders who pitched this year were reflective of the diverse talents of underrepresented female entrepreneurs in Australia.

“This is the future of our economy; diverse, digitally-enabled, globally connected and purpose driven — ready to make a significant impact in the world,” she said.

This article was first published by Women’s Agenda.

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